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For very simple commercials - (a talking head, or photos), the TV network will often bundle the cost of the filming and production into the air time costs, or will use the air time cost to subsidize the video production by their crews. Most stations that air commercials do not have the sophisticated equipment or time necessary to give you much creative variety in your production. Nor do they have the marketing talent to concern themselves with whether your program will achieve your objectives. For more complex commercials - involving video, animation, lots of graphics, fancy effects, and background music, it is only cost effective to go to an independent video production studio (such as AVC Studio Ltd.) who will only concentrate on helping create your message to accomplish your needs. Rochester TV commercials, commercial production, full service multimedia and video, high quality commercial, professional video production, broadcast quality, HD video recording, TV ad, creative commercial, cheap ad, artistic, Rochester commercial, car commercial, broadcast commercial, online video ads, television commercials, effective video ads, cheap commercials, Beta SP, DVD, high definition video, TV commercial production, voice over, creative graphics, modern commercial, animation, design and production, Rochester advertising, graphic design, multimedia artist, radio commercial, print ad, banner ads, brochures, trade show displays, packaging, logos, film, commercials shooting, editing, affordable ads for business, prices, free, Rochester NY, hdtv Rochester NY, Nazareth Collage, newspaper Rochester NY, Democrat and Chronicle, Cannel 13, Channel 10, city Rochester NY, Lilac Festival, Xerox, Kodak, art Rochester NY, Rochester NY news, Rochester NY news, Rochester NY businesses, Time Warner Rochester NY, Frontier Rochester NY, Rochester NY library, Rochester New York NY, Monroe County Rochester NY, Strong Museum, Auditorium Theater, Giva Theater, VHS to DVD convert