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A video interview can be thought of as a conversation involving three types of people: The interviewer is the facilitator. (S)he chooses the topic of conversation, asks questions and guides the discussion. The guest is the subject of the interview. (S)he will do most of the talking and get most of the camera shots. The viewer is a silent observer who has been invited into the conversation. This creates a three-way interaction. A successful interview will include all three groups in the correct mix. Rochester interview video, HD video, best quality video, cheap video, DVD,Rochester video , professional, full service multimedia and video, quality video production, best art event video, high definition event coverage, art openings, art exhibits, art festivals, the best art event video, museums, multimedia presentation, art event documentary, artistic video, unique video, art happenings, art events in HD video, DVD, cheap video, photo montage, video montage, art catalogue, art exhibit, interview coverage, interview recording, moving pictures, on DVD, broadcast interview, Rochester NY, hdtv Rochester NY, Nazareth Collage, newspaper Rochester NY, Democrat and Chronicle, Cannel 13, Channel 10, city Rochester NY, Lilac Festival, Xerox, Kodak, art Rochester NY, Rochester NY news, Rochester NY news, Rochester NY businesses, Time Warner Rochester NY, Frontier Rochester NY, Rochester NY library, Rochester New York NY, Monroe County Rochester NY, Strong Museum, Auditorium Theater, Giva Theater, VHS to DVD convert