Virtual Niagara Series CD-ROM
360º Self –rotating Panoramas plus Screen Savers
Millennium Edition

Windows Volume 2 - Autumn

The Virtual Niagara CD-ROM contains 360º self-rotating panoramas of many Niagara Falls locations at the most picturesque scenic areas on the American and Canadian sides. QuickTime Virtual Reality technology used on this CD lets you explore Niagara Falls as if you were there.


- spectacular panorama from the Skylon Tower which covers all
- Niagara Falls region
- six different true color, high resolution panoramas
- three different view sets: standard panorama, full screen
panorama and screen saver
- music backgrounds with a sound track on and off
- photographers' annotations on each panorama
- interactive Users Guide

Windows System Requirement:
PC with Pentium II,
Windows 95, 98, NT, 64MB RAM, 8 X CD-ROM drive, QuickTime4 installed, Thousands of colors display or better, Speakers